Matthew (mattmoo) wrote in 801,

RHPS - Aftermath

Well ROCKY went well

  • 2 liter bottle of Malibu Rum & Vanilla Coke
  • - check
  • Full cast in costume
  • - check
  • Small army of trannys
  • - check
  • The Tower Theatre
  • - check

    We finally got underway around midnight after having to prep the theatre with plastic runners, get the lights and sound balanced more or less and get the props setup for the show. We let the small army (around 100 ish people) into the theater after Zack had primed them up with dead baby jokes and patted them down (much to his amusement Im sure.. had to tell him not to take tips) and went ahead with the pre show. For those of you that haven't see the pre show before.. make sure you do in October. Its far too profane and twisted for general internet audience.

  • MC Susan got things rolling and tossed back a full cup of beer ala frat guzzle

  • Our Magenta - Jen sang the parody song fabulously, was a blast

  • cirlce-sized the virgins


  • Had a toothpick (it was cinnamon Wayne)

  • Audience participation (the confetti was a bitch to cleanup, thanks guys)

  • New Eddie (Zack) did a great job!

  • We will be doing the full run of shows in October, complete with 6 weeks of full rehersal (YAY) so get your ass to the Tower in October and get a ticket for EVERY NIGHT!
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