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utah music scene
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Are you new to Utah? Has it been home to you for years? Either way 801 needs your help!

Whether you are new and looking for something to do around Utah...anything from a show, a movie, a club, or a place to find your favorite cuisine...Be sure to check out 801!

For those of you who have lived in Utah for years, feel free to share a certain point of interest amongst the city...Do you have a favorite local band? Is there a resturant or pub that you would suggest to others? Or are you involved with a local organization and would like to share info...801 is for you!

Please keep the entries of some sort of importance (preferably music, since that is what this community is about) but restaraunts, good causes etc. will work too, but keep in mind I'm moderating the entries.

This community is maintained by ruisenor
If you don't have livejournal and you would like a show or event listed, feel free to email the above email address.

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