Marie (polexxia) wrote in 801,

Charley Horse, Sept 9 at Burt's Tiki Lounge!

You guys know I don't usually pimp out shows nor act like a street team geek (I'm not even sure they have one, to be frank), but GODDAMN, it's CHARLEY HORSE (that band I'm always blathering about)!

Cover is $8 at the door (Tickets via Smiths are $7 in advance), Jett Black, Thunderfist, and Charlie Don't Surf are opening up. Gonna be a fuckin' kickASS time, so I expect to see y'all there!

Seriously, make it out--we always bitch that no one good ever comes to town, but a full club is not only the best way to get more bands to book here, but ALSO a good way to show support for indie labels and bands.

Think I'm bullshitting about a good time? Check out:
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